About Me

As a child I spent countless hours at home (and in class) drawing. I always wanted to make my imagined realities come to life by my pencils and crayons. Time passed and upon entering High School I took as many art classes as possible to keep nurturing what I had as a goal at the time, becoming a Cartoonist. I chose my College, UMBC, to pursue this goal and after a few semesters waiting to get into the entry class for my chosen major, Graphic Design, I finally arrived at receiving some true fundamental Art training. Unfortunately Art stopped being fun soon after things got moving, but thankfully I was always into computers and electronics so the transition to Information Systems was seamless. Although continuous artistic expression nearly came to a halt, I would be reunited with something special a few years later.

My love of all things automotive lead to me wanting to freeze and share these moments with others and through dedication, self study and most of all thousands of 'cockpit hours' perfecting my craft in the field, I've developed skill capturing images of what my naked eye sees in a wide variety of environments. While I have a career in software technology, I take on photography jobs for limited clientele as well as cover the annual automotive events (and random trips) I frequent.

Capturing Life's Fabric with Technology.