Monday, January 24, 2011

Playing with strobes.

After many years of ignoring my photography needs for automotive needs (ahem), I've been able to get some equipment together so I can take on more commercial projects. I'll still offer natural light portraiture of course, but controlled environments are a great thing. I'll update/link on here as I begin to advertise and take on new clientele, but in the meantime it's been fun dialing in my new setup for future work. I've had the privilege of assisting several young entrepreneurs I know personally get better images of themselves and products, for website, performance career and business promotion, and I'm very happy to now keep even more work in house.

Erin, a good friend of mine who runs a few blog-based websites like myself, was in need of some material. While the in-house studio space is still under construction, I got creative. A multiple hour evening shoot ensued, and a great start was established. I can't share samples from this set, but look for behind the scenes posts in the near future.

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