Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring forward.

It hit 80* for the first time in 2011 last Monday which got me thinking...what are the best times of year? I'd have to say when it's warm, but there are few bugs. Hot enough for shorts but cool enough not to be drenched in sweat. Light on pollen is good too. Daylight past 8pm is nice. Long story short, I'd have to say we're in that lovely one month window before pollen and bugs are everywhere, right now. This fact helped me get material for this seasonal post before making my way to work.

I wandered around randomly as usual, remembering where I've seen the tell-tale signs of Spring during my local daily errands. I never have my good camera on me all the time, but I make mental notes when I see things I want to shoot later on, usually while travelling by car. Even though I never get to everything I want to shoot, I got some enjoyable pictures from what I did get to while on foot.

Spring is a good time of year for plenty of reasons; it's symbolic of starting fresh, growth and surviving darkness and cold, as well as the return of a cycle of warmth and strong sunshine. Regardless of how productive you are during the Winter months you can just about always double that productivity, without even noticing it, once it's 70*+ outside. Now that warm weather is here, make up any excuse you need to get out of the house and enjoy it...before the humidity, mosquito's, gnats and wasps dull the shine of it.

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