Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Thumb - Season 2 Preview

Summer is on the way and it's about time to get some deck crops going for this years' warm season. Tomato plants are very rewarding, and delicious too might I add, but Beth and I wanted to go in a different direction this year. We'll be out of town for about three weeks come July, so having a more robust plant will be good as well; tomatoes need quite a bit of attention, especially with the way the vines grow and our planting constraints. This year we'll be growing cucumbers and a variety of peppers. This past Saturday we drove to a local nursery and picked out a few items; Yummy pepper, Thai hot pepper and Italian sweet pepper starter plants, as well as cucumbers. The cucumbers are supposed to be grown on a mound, but we only have large pots so this should be interesting.

Stay tuned.

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