Monday, June 6, 2011

Food. #1

This series is a no-brainer, because I've wanted to do this since I started this blog; foods, cooking, recipes, etc. and more importantly shots of these activities and finished products. Last weekend I ended up picking up the spatula for the first time in over a year, I'm ashamed to say. In my defense, it's like riding a bike and I even got better at something I've been terrible at for a long time; cooking chicken on the bone outside of an oven. I think the issue is the fact that I love riffing; I can improvise with the best of em' and it's the backbone of my creativity. Sometimes I spread improvisation into things that could use a bit more precision. Time away helped with my grilling methodology as I went about it like I was using an oven (which a grill is), using a clock instead of eyeballing (which works for burgers and links great btw). So without further adieu:

Al's BBQ chicken:
- drumsticks thawed (thighs work too)
- olive oil (the better the better)
- garlic powder
- fresh ground black pepper
- kosher sea salt
- Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce (insert your favorite here)

Put chicken in a mixing bowl with a liberal amount of oil and seasonings added. Toss by hand til fully coated. Depending on your grill size and heat output, things may vary, but for the most part it's ~375* for 30 minutes, flipping half way. Mind the hot spots on cheaper grills, and shuffle accordingly. Sauce during the warming shelf phase or last 5 mins.

Beth's red potatoes:
- small red potatoes
- olive oil (see above)
- kosher sea salt
- fresh ground black pepper
- fresh garlic
- wood skewers

Boil potatoes to al dente in a pot of hot water. Quarter or half the potatoes to taste. Skewer said potatoes (you can soak them in water so they don't burn, but they rarely catch on fire under 400*). Brush the tots in oil and sprinkle seasonings. Grill to taste. Oh and watch your fingers when flipping them.

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