Monday, May 7, 2012

Beer of the Month - Mayo

La cerveza del mes de Mayo es Grupo Modelo's Modelo Especial {4.4 abv}. When Cinco de Mayo came to mind several weeks ago I remembered how much I enjoyed (and preferred) Modelo Especial over more popular imported Mexican beers like Corona and Dos Equis. When it comes to this category of brews (many others too for that matter) it's important not to buy into the publicity machine. There are many great Mexican beers that fly under the radar, but unless you're at one hell of a beer distributor (or in the south-west) you'll rarely find more than five choices.

Fast forward to today, siete de Mayo, as we decided to make a festive fajita dinner to follow the spirit of the cinco de Mayo celebration (we were at my buddy Paul's wedding on Saturday). Flank steak was acquired and grilled, fajita fixin's were sautéed and cooked up, and once my tortilla was full of deliciousness I washed it down with one of my favorites.

Mexican beers are well known for their light flavor profile and refreshing taste when it's hot out. They're also known for pairing well with a wedge of lime. Modelo Especial doesn't disappoint; with its bold body and moderate carbonation, it really comes across as an affordable yet quality product. Modelo Especial is is a lightly hopped pilsner, golden like a field of wheat in the glass, delivers a touch of sweetness and crisp farewell. It pairs well with just about any dish, but once you get peppers, onions, beans, grilled meat and rice involved, look out. 3 stars.

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