Monday, July 23, 2012

Green Thumb Season 3 - Ep.1

Another Spring came to an end so you know what that meant. It was time to bring more young plants to our not so spacious, but effective, potted plan garden on the deck! This year we built upon our last two years knowledge and picked our spots for the best blend of edibles. We ended up going with two grape tomato plants, one cucumber plant (burpless), three pepper plants (poblano, jalapeƱo & habanero), sweet basil, rosemary and cilantro. We improved a bit on last year by getting a few new pots, and using a new technique on one of our cherry tomato plants - using plastic bottles for additional drainage at the bottom of the potting soil. We also got plant food to use, which is only to be used in light spoonfuls, per plant, per month.

I was going to do a preview post, then roll into episode one, but I took so long to begin who cares at this point! By the time you read this our crops have been growing for about almost three months in their new digs, but the time being we'll focus on the first month or so of action. By this point the cucumbers were already trying to strangle everything around it. Seriously, keep daily check on your cucumber vines as they like to latch onto everything. The weather this year has been pretty dry on the whole, but it started acting like Spring around the beginning of May. It rained every other day all the first week so we didn't have to use tap water until week deux.

The only downside from our purchases is that our cilantro is flowering a bit too much, so it turns out we have a dud (or something we're unaware of made it start seeding) leaving very little herbaceous leaves to reap currently. Long story short, things are looking pretty good on this front. I'll update again in another couple weeks.

Highlights from week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Dreaded seeding.

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