Thursday, September 30, 2010

All good things come to an end.

H2oi 2010 in Ocean City, Maryland - last show of the year. Sigh. Good news is, it was a great weekend as usual. No sleep, about 12hrs+ total put into car detailing over 4 days, 10hrs+ taking pictures all weekend, eating out, meeting up with old friends and meeting new can't be beat. This years turnout was bigger than ever before. I mean, huge. Last year had about 1200 registered cars and this year was a bit over 1500; this doesn't even include those spectating. Like I mentioned previously, the Ocean Downs facility is being turned into a 'horse races and slots' location due to the newly passed law in the state of Maryland. Accordingly, vendors weren't parked in the usual place which was the parking lot of said building. This fact turned the flow of cars in and out of the show grounds into a cluster to say the least. I made sure to get there early on Sunday morning to make sure I didn't become a victim of entry traffic. Thankfully I got screwed later when I left to go home and got caught in Dover Delaware NASCAR Race traffic for 4 hours; it was brilliant.

The odd thing about this show weekend was that there were multiple events going on in Ocean City, MD at the time; Sunfest (still not sure what this is), H2oi and the simple fact that it was a 90 degree sunny weekend with the winter around the corner. There were tons of people, families, teens; and best of all, German Car Enthusiasts out numbering all other groups, everywhere you looked. It feels good to be down there during this weekend.

Well the madness with me wrenching on my project cars and loosing sleep is now coming to a close and I plan on slowly getting back to working on new content. Thanks for everyone who keeps up with this site even though I don't always have new things in large quantities; I guess that's just understood, because we all have lives, families and jobs. Oh and more importantly jobs. Did I say jobs? Working a ton lately, but it keeps me doing what I enjoy. Until next year, show season.

My full show set from the weekend is here. I may sprinkle a few others in here as I see fit; of course I have my automotive blog, but I think variety in here is good as well.

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  1. Great pictures, those are some awesome cars.



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