Monday, September 6, 2010

Beer of the month - September

The beer of the month for September is Grolsch Premium (Pilsner)Lager {5% abv}. Please note that Grolsch has a handful of variants, including Blonde Ales, Hefeweizens and Bocks; unfortunately it's hard to find many of these in the states due to the limited range of imports as well as US popularity. Grolsch is a product of Holland with brewing history going back to 1615 and, much like other US imported beers from this region (i.e. Heineken), there is a distinct yet 'skunky' aroma at first blush. Don't let this throw you off, the flavor isn't bitter in the least (i.e. Heineken). It's a smooth sipping brew with hoppy notes and a clean yet unique finish.

The bottle above is one of Grolsch' trademark swing top 450ml units, which are ceremonious to open and provide a tight seal if you don't quite finish one in a sitting. I had my first Grolsch Premium Lager about six years ago, and it's always nice to have a return visit. This isn't a beer limited to season or occasion; rather an all-rounder, as well as one of the better known products coming out of the Netherlands. 2.5 stars.

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