Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Thumb - Ep.2

Progress! Well to be specific, the next week or so after the last update went on without much of a hitch...well a branch was snapped off the fruit bearing tomato plant by a freak hailstorm, but fortunately not much damage resulted.

All of the plants have enjoyed steady growth, like a conservative but solid investment portfolio. Preparing to be gone 8 days for vacation a couple weeks ago and unsure of what weather would take place, we picked up a few more water globes to ensure proper hydration. Word on the street was that it rained/thunderstormed a couple times here in Maryland...and by some reports there was even an earthquake. Not sure which helped more, but the tomato and basil plants took off like rockets. The tomato count now is 5, all on one plant. The once flailing tomato plant is taller than ever, taller than the edge of the deck actually, but only has 4 flowers or so.

Here's the visual breakdown...
Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 5:

Good times.

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