Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Cleaning.

It's been a while since I really went through my photobucket to see what's there, and while going through some pictures the realization came that I really needed to update things a bit; same thing goes for this blog. If you're a faithful eye-baller of this thing of mine, then you'll now notice a few more links, small changes in organization, etc. I'm trying to streamline things and the design of my photobucket was the most recent item on the menu; it kinda-sorta looks like this blog now in design and hopefully everything is a bit more intuitive for you, the viewer. As stated in the last post, I've moved all the trip pictures in the AP photobucket archive into one folder called 'Travel' for a cleaner main page going forward; this will help with organization for future trips. In addition, the official AP Facebook Page is being organized in a similar fashion, but with a smaller selection of pictures of course. If you're new to all of this, just sit back and enjoy the ride. I'll continue tweaking things as needed to produce a better product.

Second order of business is that I've decided to start up a new blog for the automotive enthusiast contingent; I'm aiming for show coverage, builds, DIYs, recommended sellers/shops, etc...may even resurrect some of my legacy coverage from the past decade or so. I'll see about getting a couple of like minded friends involved to author material as well to keep things interesting and multifaceted. Unfortunately a lot of my possible URL titles have been taken already so I'll have to get creative as usual. Stay tuned. Literally.

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