Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pic of the day - Saturday

Remember me saying I was looking forward to vacation? Well I'm on it now. We got in Friday to clouds and went right from the airport to In-N-Out Burger off Sports Arena Blvd. Jet-lag and a lack of sleep rolling into our 6:15am flight from BWI kept things real simple. We crashed to fight another day.

Today we went to Davey's Locker in Newport beach to look for whales in the Pacific. Beth has wanted to see whales in the wild for years now so I figured why not, regardless of the time of year they're typically seen (not July). It was cold in socal upon our arrival on Friday and today was no exception; clouds and wind. On the open water it wasn't much warmer, but I was smart enough to bring a hat with me to keep the scull warm. The good news is we saw a pod of dolphins, which was cool. Bad news is the 'common dolphin' was apparently part of the whale family so they technically fulfilled their obligation ha. The Captain apologized for the lack of action with a half-off voucher for another day...ah well.
There were a few other boats out where we were, one of which was in this shot. The dolphins like playing of course and will 'run' with boats, using the surrounding wake as a guideline. While you only see a small group of dolphins here, there were about 100 out in this pod occasionally breaking the surface with a flip or two. I hate to say it, but I would've loved something longer than my 135mm out there. This was a cool side trip, regardless of clouds, but Beths' whale watching hopes will live on.

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