Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beer of the Month - June

If you've visited my photobucket, you'll see I have a section in there just for 'beer ads'. I started shooting my own magazine insert styled shots just for fun, trying to get a cool shot worthy of desktop know, beverages in their own natural habitat or something along those lines. When I try new beer while out, or in the store, I'll tell friends about the good ones I've had and pay the good experience forward; same goes for restaurants and hole in the wall take-out joints. Let me preface this particular series by saying please drink responsibly and more importantly don't drink and drive. Secondly, by no means am I an expert, rather experienced and in turn sharing my own experiences. That said, lets get this ship outta port.

The beer of the month for June is Warsteiner Pilsener. For the BMW enthusiasts out there this choice will be quite familiar as Warsteiner is a quite notable sponsor from German Touring Car (DTM) Racing Series in the 80's and 90's. This beer has the strong flavor and finish of a stout, but is light in color like a traditional lager. Traditional German beers are easy to recognize blindfolded due to the shared brewing methods and regional ingredients used. On my rating scale below, I give it 2 stars. You can sip this on a relaxed evening of conversation, TV or a poker game, but not in a higher paced social setting. Definitely a quality brew but for those without a refined palette, you should look elsewhere.

1 - Let a friend buy it.
2 - Solid choice.
3 - Enjoyable.
4 - Seek it out with great effort.

What keeps shooting interesting is creating excuses to capture new things. I'll try expanding themed posts to other items going forward, all while keeping the overall theme of this blog.

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  1. I agree. A is a fan, I think. It's solid, but not for everyday or a special occasion. I'd pick it up on sale.



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