Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Action. #1

I think you get the idea what this series is about. On another note I literally just finished pouring about two weeks of little sleep and hustle into a single article about what I've been posting so many shots from lately. Working as media for this past Labor Day's Baltimore Grand Prix has been an extremely enriching learning experience for me. I've come out of that three day grind and ongoing editing (still going might I add) stronger than I went in. I know exactly what my plan of action is for the next race I attend and for that I'm grateful. In the end, I think that's all life is really; you work towards your goals and then set new ones above where you just were. Rinse and repeat and excel in your field(s). Of course kids fall in there somewhere too, but yea. Back to the point though, I thought about cross posting this article, but I decided against it to keep these two content projects of mine separate. That said, you can read my full editorial on the BGP here. I hope you enjoy it.

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