Friday, September 30, 2011

Beer of the Month - September

The beer of the month for September is Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's (SNBC) Kellerweis Hefeweizen {4.8% abv}. Through my adventures in variety chasing, I found this not too commonly found (in Maryland) Sierra Nevada brew in a very well stocked beer and wine store in Harford County. As stated in June, Sierra Nevada is a well known microbrewery based out of California. One of their five year round available brews is Kellerweis, a delicious unfiltered beer that's like clover honey in appearance, produced using the traditional Bavarian technique of open fermentation. Open fermentation is beer fermentation within an open top container. Special care must me taken with open fermentation to avoid bacterial growth in the young beer; due to the labor-intensive nature of this process, it's rarely performed by US microbreweries.

SNBC's Kellerweis shines with defined carbonation, distinct spice notes and subtle citrus. It's a warm cloudy gold in the glass and has as smooth texture on the tongue. The flavor profile is more substantial than most Hefeweizens and I'm sure the unfiltered nature of this brew has a little something to do with it. The sediment in the bottom of the bottle says it all, and SNBC's instruction on pouring does make a difference in your experience. This is a great brew that can be drank on any occasion. Food pairing with Kellerweis would be similar to that of white wine; chicken, fish & pork. 3 stars.

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