Friday, June 18, 2010

10th Hole.

My sister in law Alena approached me to work an event coverage gig and I really didn't know what to expect. The job was taking courtesy group shots for people participating in a very cool local charity event called the Showcase of APG Technology Golf Tournament. Employees (as well as friends and family) working for many locally operating businesses in the Engineering, Science and Technology fields pay to participate in a 18-hole, one round golf tournament. All proceeds from this annual event, which took place at Maryland Golf & Country Club (Bel Air, MD), go to local student scholarships. The friendly and accommodating organizers of this event for whom Alena works, is the local chapter of a group called Women in Defense. Advertising was my payment, and once I found out more about what this event was for I was even happier I was able to take on the job. Please check out these sites if you'd like to find out more.

It was a cloudy day which was disappointing, but thankfully major rain stayed away so everything went along without a hitch. Everyone was enthusiastic regardless of skill level, it was definitely fun to be a part of. A couple groups were even taking cellphone shots for their work p2p networking pages, so hopefully they end up seeing these shots here (group pictures were printed out and delivered @ the event).

Proudly for me this event was also the public debut of my company logo. When I began formulating a design for my brand I reached out to my buddy Ethan to work his magic. For background, Ethan runs his own design company called 8380 Labs. His firm does a variety of design work for national businesses as well as his own line of automotive enthusiast inspired apparel. I was excited to see the finished product when he was done and promptly put it at the very bottom of this site as a 'contact me' button. Check out the 8380 Labs page to see his work, you may just need him for a project.

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