Sunday, June 6, 2010

Floating through life.

Tis' the season for relaxing outside. I've been fortunate to have some good friends with things I can't afford (or care to spend my money on). Some people put money into vacation homes, nice cars or entertainment for their houses and some are incoherently drawn to the sea and put their efforts into spending time on the water; as such, going bigger and better with boats is the end game. My buddy Phil is one of the latter and has always been gracious enough to invite us out to enjoy his passion with him, along with his family. This shot was taken on the way back to dock last summer after a nice afternoon brunch on the water. I never spent much time thinking about boats or water sports as a kid, but I'm glad I got exposed to it several years ago; in coastal Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, boating is a big pastime as the Chesapeake Bay puts water and beach with easy reach of thousands of homes. There's a lot in Maryland I didn't know existed until I got to see it from the water...perspective is a wonderful thing to have more of.

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