Thursday, June 10, 2010

You down with OPC?

Yea you know me! (O)ther (p)eoples (c)hildren are awesome...little people, developing personalities, smilin' and a gigglin', cryin', crappin' and a poopin' and they have their own parents to take care of them when I leave ha. Seriously though, I'll be in the baby makin' business sooner than later (gulp), but in interim the children of my family and friends are a good glimpse of my possible living ghost(s) of Christmas future. I 'strategerize' on possible parenting techniques while watching the successes and not-quite-successes of these young parents learning on the fly; they're admirable to say the least.

I enjoy taking pictures of the pride and joy of those close to me. A point in time only happens once and capturing it for later inspection is fun to a time capsule of sorts. Candid shots with infants are great, but trying to get a planned picture is tricky to do. Thankfully children are pretty at ease with me, which makes things smooth like peanut butter...well actually, the 'smoothness' is way more tied to rest and hunger levels of said child at the time of the shoot than my presence alone.  Ask me how I know.

These are some of my and customers' favorites from previous shoots. Currently, these kids are running around and learning what they can and cannot do within their respective homes, but they were immobile newborns not so long ago.

To be fair, Cassius (last pic) isn't as far along as Nina and Daniel are; he was just born last fall.

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