Friday, June 4, 2010

Who goes there?

Well this has been a long time coming. As some close to me know, I've taken my sweet time to get my act together on producing a site/blog to help showcase my content. I didn't feel like starting from scratch so blogspot fit the bill (thanks Google). I've been capturing said content with a variety of cameras for over a decade and I never really had a good place to put it where I could present it in the environment I felt it deserved, regardless of what subjects were involved...forums be damned.

This is the first picture I'll put up - pink beer. This shot makes me happy for a lot of reasons; not only was this taken on my honeymoon, the year before last to my lovely wife Beth, this shot represents what Friday means to all of us; a bar and a nice drink. Not saying we all equate drinking with relaxation or even drink for that matter, but whatever is at the end of the money earning rainbow for you that gets you through hump day, this is 'that' for me. Actually, cleaning my car is 'that' for me too, but this I can do sitting down with friends and family so it wins by default. We work hard to play hard and I enjoyed a few of these pink beers from the good bartenders at an 'unnamed resort' in Ochos Rios, Jamaica back in Dec' 08. Basically it's an ice cold Red Stripe (Horaaay!) with a shot of Campari liquor in it. Local rumor is that it helps in da sack, mon.

Well this is new for me so I'll figure it out as I go; I've always liked to ad lib as it keeps things fresh and organic. I'm hoping to post a bit a few times a week; some classic material, some new. As I get inspired I'll snap and share. Might even share work from some of my jobs. Time will tell, but thanks for looking. Last but not least, feel free to subscribe and follow this blog as well as my photobucket account.

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  1. So glad to see you are blogging FINALLY! Love it, keep up the good work :)



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