Sunday, June 13, 2010


Mhmmm. I look forward to vacations every year and always plan to go some place new. If I can't afford to go to the 'some place new' I want, which happens often strangely enough, I stick with winners from the past. In a couple weeks I'll be going back to San Diego (and even more importantly Las Vegas) for the first time since 07'. It's been long over due, but well worth the wait; what's the thrill if you can do it any time you want, right?

There's something about travelling that appeals to me. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate time off from work in all it's lovely forms; laying around the house doing nothing but napping...catching up on DVR'd television shows...BBQ with friends over and a brew or two...but what's even better is changing your whole field of view; you close your eyes, snore on a plane for a couple hours, open em' and nothing is familiar; well familiarity in the form of sun, warmth and or beach is alright ha. I learned how important variety is to a happy mind a long time ago. Change can be trying depending on the circumstances, but eventually we all seek it in some form or fashion to break up the annual grind.

Stay tuned...

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