Friday, June 11, 2010


The forming of relationships is a fickle thing; a couple life choices, a few key spoken words or an action or two is the difference between having a seedling with potential or compost. Everyone goes through hundreds of life altering experiences and depending on what's going on with you when you meet a potential mate, there's either going to be the opportunity to see what happens...or not. Once you're past that stage, there has to be established trust, joint commitment and joint effort to keeping that small plant growing. This can be difficult, because depending on where you are in your own life, there's a million things out there to pull you away from committing to doing anything, let alone growing a plant with somebody. If you are fortunate enough to get past that stage, you're in luck! Now you get to learn how to share your space and (even more of your) time. Once you're good to go in the space and extra time sharing department and a flower or two starts to bloom from your plant together, that's when the real work begins.  As you mature you understand that dropping the 'y' in 'your' is half the battle.

Taking relationships to their full potential takes trust, confidence and an absence of fear. There must be no fear of failure, no fear of what's around the corner and no fear of what can go wrong...and if something does go wrong, no fear of the choices you'll have to make. Optimism and faith are (y)our friends in this gauntlet of sorts, as are (actual) friends and family who care about your goals. The large steps we take towards making the most of relationship potential in life are full of memorable moments. Here's to those that embrace this challenge, look for this challenge and those that support them.

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